Wednesday, March 14, 2012

G1X: A Short Walk

Short Walk

As the weather was very nice today, I found it convenient to take a short walk outside and slipped the G1X into my pants pocket* to grab a few shots along the way.  Nothing particularly great about these shots; the G1X was in Av mode, JPEG only, ISO 100 or 400.  Exposure compensation was used to tweak the Av exposure – sometimes based on the histogram but more often as an adjustment for a second shot.  Exposure compensation for the above shot was +1/3.

Short Walk

As a measure of my humility, the above flower shot just didn’t work as I thought it might.  No exposure compensation.  My idea was to focus on the foreground and have the middle and background fade to extreme blur.  The largest aperture for that focal length was f5 and it simply was not enough.  Probably needed more like f2.

Short Walk

Staying with 16:9 aspect ratio, the above shot (which I call “Tree and Clouds”) was at full telephoto and f5.8.  No exposure compensation.

Short Walk

Back to a 4:3 aspect ratio above.  No exposure compensation.

Short Walk

I get tired of people taking pictures of ducks.  These are geese.  Taken using the 1.9x digital zoom feature.  No exposure compensation.

Short Walk

Staying with the 1.9x digital zoom but –2/3 exposure compensation.

A nice walk with a little photo practice along the way.


* Said pocket being styled and designed for men of a certain age.

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RojBlake said...

You spoke about only being able to get f/5 at that zoom which resulted in a larger depth of field than you were aiming for, do you think the lens completely negates the benefit of the larger sensor in this regard?

I'm used to big DoF with my G9 and only really expect to get shallow DoF with my DSLR but I was hoping the G1 X would be better.