Friday, March 23, 2012

G1X: Coffee Video


Here’s a short video made with the G1X as I begin to learn video techniques.  Fortunately, video on the G1X is easy because it is automated.  Unfortunately, the G1X offers few adjustments for video.

So far, it seems to me that the G1X often overexposes video but, thankfully, exposure compensation is one of the adjustments available.  The Coffee video was taken with exposure compensation at –1.  Confusingly, exposure compensation for video is set in a different manner than exposure compensation for stills.  Instead of the top dial that is used for still exposure compensation, video exposure compensation is accessed by pressing the exposure lock button (*) and then turning the main dial to adjust compensation. 

ISO cannot be set for G1X video; only Auto ISO is available.  However, by holding the shutter button halfway, the selected ISO as well as the shutter speed and aperture can be seen.  Interestingly, adjusting exposure compensation can result in a change of ISO as well as shutter speed or aperture.

For the Coffee video, I used portrait orientation without thinking about it very much.  This caused an orientation problem but QuickTime Pro was able to change orientation. 

Wind noise is apparent even though the “wind filter” was turned on.

I suppose that video with the G1X is about right.  Although I do wish there were a few more options, video is certainly easy to access and the results seem reasonable to me.

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