Thursday, March 1, 2012

G1X: First Shots

G1X 1st shots

Just walking around this overcast morning, new camera in hand, and trying to get the feel of it. These aren’t particularly great photos – more like test and practice shots.  All these shots were taken in Av mode and are the JPEG straight out of the camera at the normal (default) settings.

G1X 1st shots

Canon cameras seem to have a problem with over-saturated reds and the G1X is no exception.  I’ll eventually turn the reds down a bit.  ISO 400.

G1X 1st shots

ISO 1600!  How ‘bout that!  I like the way the focus falls off in the background.  This effect is not so evident in cameras with smaller sensors.

G1X 1st shots

Another shot illustrating blurred background; again, ISO 1600.

G1X 1st shots(2)

The above shot was taken to check the resolution of the tree branches as well as back lighting from the sky.  ISO 100.

Again, nothing spectacular or artistic – just learning how to use the G1X.

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