Saturday, June 16, 2012

G1X: Hibiscus Time Lapse

Hibiscus Opening

The above relatively simple time lapse video was made with the G1X.  The camera was set to ISO 100, 1/100 second, f8 and manual focus.  White balance was set to daylight.  All these setting were a best guess for whatever might happen.  The G1X was in JPEG only mode, normal colors, 16:9 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.  Image stabilization and image review were turned OFF in the main menu.  Over a period of almost 2 hours, images were taken at 5 second intervals.  The resulting 1476 JPEG images were assembled into a video using QuickTime Pro.  Final editing, including the title and credits images was accomplished with Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

I’ve made other time lapse videos using roughly the same technique.  Once again, a simple intervalometer was used.  The G1X was entirely battery powered for this project.  I was a little surprised to get only 1476 shots on a fully charged battery as I was expecting 2000 shots or more. The G1X display remained ON because manual focus reverts to auto focus if the display is turned OFF.  Even so, I would have thought that less power would be required with the LCD display turned OFF and using manual focus.

Time lapse makes an intriguing video and I intend to do some additional exploration and experimentation with it.

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