Monday, June 18, 2012

G1X: Lens Cap

G1X CameraThe G1X comes with a removable, not built-in, lens cap.  Like many others, I would have preferred a built-in lens cap.  However, I have some good news about the lens cap:  The lens cap can be washed and dried in a conventional household washer and drier.  In my never ending experiments with the G1X, I have proven this to be true. 

To me, the G1X lens cap is just another lens cap and lens caps go in my left back pocket.  True to habit, after setting up for a time lapse sequence, I put the lens cap in my pocket and proceeded to do a little weeding in my garden.  Of course, I got dirty and sweaty in the process and decided to clean up before retrieving the G1X.

So now I know that the G1X is pocketable and washable – well, the lens cap is washable but I don’t plan to test the camera body.


RojBlake said...

I lost my G1X lens cap on top of a Welsh hill. So I decided to get a JJC replacement cap that you never have to take off and I love it, it's just like being back with the G9.

RojBlake said...

Have you seen the JJC lens cap for the G1X?
G1X Lens cap

I lost my original on a mountain somewhere, I like this new one because it's just like being back with the G9 -- you just switch the camera off and don't worry about the cap.

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

I've seen the praise for the JJC lens cap but decided not to get it.

Heri said...

I use a standard Canon lens cap over whichever filter is on my G1X. It looks hilarious with several filters over the top of any of the Macro Filters. Even more so if you double-stack two of them together with other filters and then a lens cap. But it's very protective and easy to use. With just one filter on and the lens cap, it looks quite dignified.
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Maoz Guttman said...

Do you have any information on EzFoto Auto Lens Cap for Canon G1X? Does it really work?