Sunday, July 15, 2012

G1X: Video

I still have ambitions of becoming a better videographer and editor.  Here’s my latest attempt; this time using the G1X and its fully automated video features.

Pressure washing my driveway

Realistically, I’ve not used G1X (or G12 or 7D) video nearly as much as I thought I would.  In fact, I’ve only posted seven videos on this blog and just one using the G1X (not counting time lapse as a video). 

I’m still using, or better said, trying to learn Adobe Premier Elements and have upgraded to Version 10.  Premier Elements 10 is probably more than adequate for my needs but I definitely need more time and practice.

The various formats, file name extensions, etc. are still somewhat a mystery to me.  I’m attempting to upload a high quality video to YouTube from Premier Elements but the downloaded playback never looks as good as the version I see during editing.  Sometimes I save the video to my hard drive in several formats just to see the results.  Wow; what huge differences in file size and quality!

So I still don’t have a comfortable work flow for video. 

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