Thursday, August 2, 2012

G12: Time Lapse

While vacationing last week, I made another time lapse video of the sunrise on Destin, Florida beach.  As last year, the G12 was used in the process.  Shot from the same balcony at roughly the same time, this year’s video eerily resembles last year’s video.  So much for creativity!

Why use the G12 instead of the G1X?  Well, as noted previously, the G1X yields only about 1500 shots in a two hour period before running out of battery.  The G12 yields about 2500 shots over a longer period of time.  If I’d planned a little more carefully, the G1X would have been more than adequate.  Instead, I fired up the G12 and took a walk with the G1X.

Canon’s EOS M was officially announced during my vacation.  I’ve been reading about its specs as well as its pros and cons – not to mention opinions from enthusiasts.  I’ll have more to say about the EOS M in another post.

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