Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Isaac: Wednesday

Isaac WednesdayMy tree is still standing.  The intensity of wind and rain is increasing and will increase further as the day goes on.  Based on the weather reports, Hurricane Isaac is moving very slowly so this will be a long day.

Standing under the porch to avoid the rain, as I snapped this shot of my tree I once again pondered “How best to get a picture of the rain?”.  In fact, what I actually did was to set the G1X on Av mode, ISO 400, f8, grab the shot and go back inside to wipe off the raindrops.  Per my usual practice, the G1X was set for RAW + JPEG.  As I began to edit the RAW file, I realized that the JPEG version actually was more illustrative of the scene.  In fact, using ACR, I could make a “better” image but choose to use the JPEG instead.

We still have power but my daughter’s house lost power this morning.  She will soon be at my house – that will significantly increase the energy level around here so get prepared to see storm related pictures of my granddaughter.


Tree is still standing in spite of wind and rain. I discovered two small leaks in my roof that will need some attention afterward. 

Shortly after my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter came to our house, we lost power.  Fortunately, power returned after about a half hour and has been on ever since.  I took heed and turned down the air conditioner and refrigerator in anticipation of another power failure.

My granddaughter probably has the most difficult job:  entertaining five adults.  She seems up to the challenge. 

My son-in-law has made this over-the-top video of storm related problems at their new house: 

I promised to give him a big boost by promoting it.  Once you realize that they are actually OK his video is hilarious.

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