Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Buck’s Workshop

My parents had a small arts and crafts store. My dad enjoyed working with wood and made many small items for their business. He loved fine woodworking and became quite good at making toys, clocks, frames, furniture, wall hangings and various gadgets – anything that struck his fancy. All were made in his workshop.

The big worktable in the center of the shop was also the center of his workflow. Daddy made his worktable just the way he wanted. It is massive. You can pound and pull and beat on it. It has recessed areas on top, drawers all around and storage underneath.

Many years ago, Daddy made a
wooden swing. Even though well made and of good materials, eventually the ravages of time overwhelmed it. Not wanting to completely discard those memories, I salvaged pieces to be frames for pictures.

Daddy’s workshop, although small, was well equipped. He strongly believed in using the right tool for the job and that including buying or making special tools. His tools included many different types of saws, drills, planers, sanders, routers, a lathe, etc. Theoretically, because he showed me how, I know how to use them all.

Three cradles were made with love and anticipation in that workshop. Now holding Daddy’s great-grandchildren, those cradles are a treasured legacy. It doesn’t seem that long ago that he and I set up his workshop for a photo shoot featuring his violin. This time, I did it all myself.

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