Saturday, August 4, 2007

Back to Reify and Redact: Still More Selections

After a short deviation to write about my efforts in PopPhoto’s 2007 Shootout, I’ve returned to the Reify and Redact Project. Here are my latest selections.

The honors for most frequent representation in my selected best efforts go to my niece. This B/W shot was made with that same Yashica 12 TLR when the camera was not quite so old. The color shot, an Ektrachrome slide, was made with the Konica T2 just a year or so later and in about the same location on the beach.

The great thing about the Yashica 12 was the large (as compared to 35mm) negative. I could get enlargements from those negatives without having too many dust spots. The difficulty in
using the Yashica was composition and focusing. The ground glass viewer showed a reversed image that gave me a really tough time. For this picture, I was almost certainly using the "sports finder" instead of the screen.

In comparison to the Yashica, using the Konica T2 was easy until the enlarging process in the darkroom. My preferences quickly became the Konica for color slides and the Yashica for B/W.

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