Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gustav – Day Five

We slept late and awoke to a house somewhat warmer than expected. The air conditioning system was not working! We had electric power but there was an obvious problem with the air conditioning. A quick check of controls and circuit breakers confirmed that there was a problem I could not personally resolve. Expecting no answer, I telephoned the company that had installed the system. To my surprise, the call was answered and a technician was in the neighborhood within an hour. A large capacitor had failed but the technician had a replacement in his truck. The part was in warrantee and I gladly paid a service charge. The entire episode is still unbelievable to me but we again have a cool house.

I’ve continued to write but have been unable to post to this blog. Today, with my own Internet service inoperable, I’ve made several postings by connecting to a neighbor’s wireless system. My own system is through a cable modem but my neighbor has a DSL system. Thanks to my neighbor, I spent the day “at work”.

TV, radio and newspaper continue with dire predictions about two to three weeks without electric power but it seems to me that the overall picture is somewhat better than is being presented.

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