Friday, September 5, 2008

Gustav – Day Two (afternoon)

We spent the afternoon cleaning our yard, straightening the fallen trees and drinking lots of cool water while working in the upper 80s temperature. I was glad for the cloud cover that kept temperatures below the typical mid-90s. Strangely, we had little rain. We are just south of Baton Rouge and apparently north Baton Rouge received a lot of rain.

The little window air conditioner plus a couple of fans works wonders for keeping a reasonably cool room downstairs.

Stating the obvious, duck tape sure is handy. Fortunately I can rarely walk past the display without buying duck tape.

My nephew lives in Baton Rouge near LSU and found, to his delight, that his apartment has electricity! My daughter and son-in-law visited their house, about five miles away, and found it undamaged but without electricity. The local TV news reported that 221,000 homes in the greater Baton Rouge area were without electricity; this is probably more than half of the homes in the area.

Cell phone service is somewhat iffy. I’m getting emails and text messages but sometimes have difficulty sending. I can log onto the Internet but the connection is usually lost within a few minutes.

Time to shut down the generator and call it a night.


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