Friday, September 5, 2008

Gustav – Day Three

In many ways, today was more of the same: generator, recharge batteries, yard work, constantly changing a power cord from the refrigerator to the freezer. The yard work today was mostly moving things from the garage back to the yard and patio areas.

It was a hotter day today and I spent more time indoors and watching my little Sony Watchman TV. This is an old B/W personal TV. It has poor reception, a bad picture and weak audio but I always drag it out during power failures. I suppose it will not survive the digital changeover. But I know a bit more about the overall situation in our area.

The reports now are that this is the worse storm damage that the Baton Rouge area has seen. Power outages are expected to extend for up to two weeks.

My cell phone (Blackjack II) has been working fine today as an Internet (3G) browser and retrieving business and personal email; however, the normal cellular voice service has been out. Late this afternoon, the AT&T cellular service suddenly became available again.

My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter have left Baton Rouge for his mother’s home in Gulfport, Mississippi. The lure of electricity is overpowering!

In fact, tomorrow my wife and I will take my mother-in-law halfway to Tennessee. We will meet my wife’s sister somewhere near Jackson, Mississippi and my mother-in-law will spend a few months in Tennessee. On the return trip (also tomorrow), we will replenish our gasoline supply for the generator.

We’ve decided to run the generator all night tonight as the refrigerator, freezer and house are slowly but surely warming up.

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