Wednesday, October 7, 2009


After much agonizing and deliberation, I decided to upgrade my Canon 20D (DSLR) instead of my Canon G9. In other words, I decided to purchase a Canon 7D instead of a G11. The 7D has arrived and is looking good!

As just a bit of my thinking and rationalization, my wife and I share the photography hobby and therefore the equipment. When we began, I had some old film cameras (most notably the Konica T2), but we became more serious with a pair of Canon EOS SLR film cameras and gradually accumulated lenses, flashes, etc. From film, I eased into the Dark Side with the Canon G3 and liked it so much that we bought a 20D shortly after it became available. The 20D is a fine camera but we had only one and it quickly became my wife’s camera! Whenever we were photographing together, my wife used the 20D and I used various combinations of the G3 and film (usually transparency). The G9 was definitely an upgrade from the G3 but we obviously needed another DSLR.

Why a DSLR and why the 7D? In a word, my granddaughter -- although in truth there’s more to the decision than that Apple-of-My-Eye. In addition to being cute, she is quick – much quicker than the G9 (and yes, I know about the half pressed shutter button, etc.). Video might catch her and HD video (not available on the G11!) seems appropriate. Also, I’m studying off-camera flash and frankly have been envious of Nikon’s ability to control external flash directly from the camera. When not using flash, the 7D’s promise of reduced noise at high ISO sensitivity is very alluring. Finally, the 7D just really seems to be a very good camera. We’ll see.

What about the G9? I still have it, plan to keep it and will certainly be using it; in fact, I used the G9 to get this picture of the 7D. I also still have the G3, 20D and, uh, all my cameras.

What about Light Description? This blog has never been just about the G9 although for much of the past two years it probably appeared to be. As I explore and learn to use the 7D, I’ll be documenting those experiences just as I did for the G9. From time to time I still expect to have a few posts about the G9 or referencing the G9.

What about the 7D? It really feels good in my hand! More later.


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Neale said...

Now that is an upgrade! Way back I decided to buy the XT instead of the 20D as I wanted the slightly smaller body size and I had some learning to do anyway - figured I could do it on the XT. I've really enjoyed your blog on the G9 and am looking forward to seeing what you do with the 7D. I haven't read too much about it yet.