Thursday, November 4, 2010

G12: Lens Adapters


The flexibility of the G12 is greatly enhanced by using a lens adapter. With the right lens adapter, the G12 can be fitted with filters, close-up lenses, wide angle converter lenses and telephoto converter lenses. Although Canon makes its own adapter, the LA-DC58K, I decided to use the Lensmate adapter, Canon G12/G11/G10 Adapter, which comes in three sections: A, B, C (see above photo, left-to-right). Lensmate developed their system in response to vignetting complaints about the Canon system and answers some questions in a FAQ page. I decided on the Lensmate system based on my favorable experience with Lensmate adapters on my G9.

In the Lensmate system, Part A is the base and is always used as the connection to the camera body. Part B terminates in a 58mm filter thread and is the same outside diameter as Part A. Part C flares to a diameter larger than Part A and terminates in a 72mm filter thread adapter. The basic idea is that Part B is used to mount telephoto adapters and close-up or macro lenses whereas Part C is used to avoid vignetting at wide angle focal lengths. Part A can actually be used alone to mount filters or wide angle converters; however, care must be taken to avoid zooming the lens into the filter or conversion lens. I bought the full set of A, B, C adapters.

With the A and B parts, filter size is the same as for the other G series cameras so I already have the polarizing and graduated neutral density filters. The 72mm filter for part C is quite large but I have 77mm filters used with DSLR lenses. I could get adapter rings but am considering a Cokin system with adjustable graduated neutral density filters. It seems to me that polarizing filters do not create even effects for wide angle lenses.

The above photo is the G12 as fitted with A and C adapters.  There are handling, protection and perception advantages when the adapter is mounted on the G series and some users prefer to use an adapter all the time. I normally use the adapter only when necessary.


Bronislaus Janulis / Framewright said...


Thanks for all the work on the G12, though I'm going to continue to use my G9; I like the extra tele, and I'm never bothered by noise. Just is not an issue for me, as high ISO film was really awful.


Unknown said...


It would appear that you've confused parts B and C in your post. Part C is the 58mm adapter, and Part B is the 72mm adapter. Just thought I'd give you a heads up =) Cheers!

Tony said...

Thanks for your work on these lens. I like the Lensmate and this might be the one that I get, however, I am going to be in Germany this year and was wondering of the Germans have a lens adaptor set? Any ideas?

تغريد said...

hi i have canon G12 and i wanna attach it to raynox DCR 250 but i don't know how??? im a new in macrophotography i need your help please tell me in details

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

I don't have the Raynox lens but Lensmate shows that the A and C adapters are used; see

تغريد said...

Thanks for reply so I'll put only part A and part C on my canon G12 and it will be compatible with raynox DCR250 isn't it ??? what about part B???!!!!!! I need your explanation
Thank you

Mr. Denni said...

Can lens/filter adapter for G12 (FA-DC58B) be used on G3? Pardon me if I'm asking a dumb question.
Best regards

The Geeks said...

Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)