Sunday, January 1, 2012

PAW 52

LSU White Pelicans

Almost, but not quite, every year, White Pelicans come to the lakes around LSU.  They’re quite a sight feeding, floating and flying around but it’s surprisingly difficult to get an interesting photo of them.  When I learned that the White Pelicans had returned, I essentially pre-determined that they would be featured in Picture A Week.

While driving around the lake searching for the pelicans, to my surprise, a mass of them were feeding near an edge of the lake – almost in a corner.  Although I could not park nearby, it was only a short walk to return to the scene. I was able to get perhaps ten yards away from the feeding frenzy. 

The above photo was taken with my Canon 7D fitted with 100-400 IS zoom at 100mm.  Exposure was 1/1250, f8 and ISO 800; shot in RAW and post processed in ACR.  I like the still photo but it really doesn’t do justice to the event.  I also used the 7D in movie mode and assembled this video using Adobe Premier Elements version 9.

White pelicans at LSU Lake

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