Monday, January 9, 2012

G1X Announced

20120109_hiRes_g1x_frontAs expected (although expected tomorrow), Canon has announced the new G1X.  Instead of a continuation of the G series, the G1X is apparently being pushed as a new beginning, hence the odd product name. 

Well, it’s an odd name to me anyway.  I’m disciplining myself to type G1X instead of GX1 -- which is a nice Panasonic micro four thirds camera.  These certainly are the times of the “X” cameras!  Fuji has just announced a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera as “X-Pro1” and thereby strengthened its X-Club membership while simultaneously borrowing Canon’s “Pro 1” product name. 

DPreview already has a preview of the G1X.  Canon Europe has posted a video.

The G1X sensor is the large 1.5” size first noted in the WellFargoAdvisors early release and has 14.3 megapixels.  Maximum aperture is f2.8 at the wide angle of 28mme and decreases to f5.8 at 112mme telephoto.  The announcement places enough emphasis on flash compatibility that I’m hopeful the G1X will have flash modes more like Canon DSLRs than like previous G series cameras. 

Although the complaints have already begun about overall size, weight, zoom ratio too small, maximum aperture too small, too expensive, etc., etc., the G1X looks very good to me.  Mine is on order.

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bmike said...

that sensor is huge, compared to my new G12. can't wait to see the first hands on reviews of it, including low light images.

i don't have another $800 kicking around, but it does look like a great compact kit. i'm curious if they'll be releasing a tele and wide convertor for it. i'd really love a wide for my g12 for interior / architecture shots.

really enjoy reading the blog here. keep up the good work!