Sunday, January 22, 2012

G1X User Guide Notes (Part 2)

G1X User guide cover pageIn a previous post, I began reading the G1X User Guide and making notes of the differences between the new G1X and my current G12.  This post picks up at Section 3:  Other Shooting Modes.

Section 3 is primarily concerned with the other automated shooting modes such as SCN, Filters and Movies. I’ve rarely used SCN modes because RAW files are not available with the SCN mode. Creative Filters is somewhat interesting but, again, no RAW.

HDR. I did try the in-camera G12 HDR and will be trying G1X HDR as well. With the G12, I preferred to produce my own HDR images using Photomatix.  Like the G12, the G1X in-camera HDR is generated from three bracketed shots with a choice of five processing variations: no effect, sepia, B/W, super vivid, poster.

Miniature effect. The Miniature Effect blurs the upper and lower portions of the image. It is available in still or movies on the G1X but only movies on the G12.

Movie Digest. I admit to be curious and interested in Movie Digest. When shooting in Movie Digest mode, short video clips are made prior to taking a still image. The G1X then combines all the clips from that day into a single video file. Cute and not available in the G12.  I wonder about mixing various stills and Digest image files on the same memory card.  How does the G1X know when to combine all the clips? 

High-speed Burst. This feature was one of the bragging points in launching the G1X. It is available only in the SCN mode and generates 4.5 images per second but is limited to 6 consecutive images. The consecutive shots are considered part of a “group”. During playback only the first image will be displayed. If that image is erased then the entire group is erased! (Glad I read that!)  Groups can be “ungrouped” – more instructions to read.

Movies. In “Movie Mode”, movies are nearly fully automated but some adjustments are available: Exposure adjustment (but not with the top dial), AF frame, manual focus, self timer, ND filter, white balance (p92).

Movies in P Mode. Interestingly, movies can also be recorded when the top dial is in P mode by pressing the Movie button. Function and Menu settings may be changed automatically if necessary.  Wonder if there’s an advantage to shooting movies from P Mode?

Auto ISO. Maximum for Auto ISO is 1600; this is set in the main Menu.

Noise reduction. There are three levels of noise reduction in the main Menu.

i-Contrast. For problems with highlights, adjust “Dynamic Range”. For problems with shadows, adjust “Shadow Correct”. These are the same as for the G12 but I’m hoping that typing it will help me to remember! Available through the Function settings but not available in RAW modes.  Not available when shooting RAW+JPEG.

Preset focal lengths. By assigning the zoom function to the front dial, present focal lengths of 28, 35, 50, 85, 100, 112 mme are available as steps in the zoom range. Not available in Movie mode.

Powered IS is an additional image stabilization mode for “slow” camera movement while filming movies.

That’s it for instructions on taking pictures; next is Playback instructions.

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