Tuesday, January 24, 2012

G1X User Guide Notes (Part 3)

G1X User guide cover pageContinuing to read in the G1X User Guide and post thoughts and differences as compared to the G12 …

Playback Mode includes editing and I’ve rarely edited in-camera – except to delete mistakes! It’s interesting to me to realize how many people keep an album on their camera.

Scroll Display. I don’t care for the Scroll Display when viewing images and didn’t realize it could be turned off (p141). Scroll Display is now OFF on my G12.

Grouped images. Images shot in burst mode can be view individually or ungrouped but this takes a few button presses and use of the Main Menu (p148). Seems awkward to me but I’ll try it because burst mode is likely to be useful.

Hints and Tips. Like the G12, the G1X comes configured to display brief hints and tips while working through the various settings and menus. After a while, these hints and tips are no longer needed and can be turned off (p173).

Formatting. As a carry-over from past (bad) experiences, I always format memory cards from the device they are to be used in. I reformat frequently but usually not at “Low Level”. Formatting the G1X memory card appears to be the same as formatting the G12 memory card.

Copyright. Copyright information can be entered from the Main Menu of the G1X. This was not possible with the G12 (although it could be set in Canon software and transferred to the G12).

Accessories.  Most of the G1X accessories will probably not be interchangeable with G12 accessories.

Battery. As noted previously, the battery is different from the G12 battery and offers fewer shots per charge.

AC Adapter Kit. I have the ACK-DC50 AC Adapter Kit for my G12; however, the G1X requires the ACK-DC80 – no doubt because the dummy battery is different.

Macrolite adapters will be different from the G12 even though the macro ring lite is (apparently) the same.

Cases. Soft cases and underwater cases are different from the G12 because, obviously, the G1X is larger.

Lens Hood. Canon offers the LH-DC70 lens hood for the G1X; this is new as far as I can tell.

Filters. Like the G12, the G1X uses 58mm filters; however, I expect some difficulty here. G12 filters are placed on a lens adapter. G1X filters are placed on a filter adapter, FA-DC58C. Looks like the hood attaches in the same way as the filter adapter which means that hood and filter adapter cannot be used at the same time. I expect the G1X to eventually have a lens adapter – even if from a third party – that uses a larger filter size and can accept conversion lens.

External Flash. I am extremely curious about external flash with the G1X. Flash is covered in Section 8; however, it does not satisfy my curiosity. One of my biggest complaints about the G series has been that its external flash capability appears to be intentionally crippled as compared to the Canon DSLR. Specifically, when a G series camera is placed in Manual exposure mode, the flash controls also become fully manual. Said a different way, there is no ETTL automatic flash control when a G series camera is in Manual exposure. Although I had high hopes that external flash on the G1X would be more like Canon DSLR, it more and more appears to be standard G series logic and controls for flash – in spite of the hopes raised by the wording on the external flash chart on page 204.  I am afraid that the G1X does not meet my hopes for external flash.


This concludes my reading and posting from the G1X User Guide.  The use and operation of the G1X appears to be much more similar than different from the G12 and even prior G series PowerShots.  In most ways, this similarity is a welcome feature.  I’m awaiting the delivery of my G1X even more anxiously than ever.


The International School of Hospitality said...

Thank you for posting these helpful notes. I too am patiently awaiting my G1X preorder. I am anxious to know when the filter adaptor will be available. I already ordered a multi coated UV 58mm filter, a Canon 58mm lens cap, and a Memnon wide angle lens hood from Amazon! I personally think the filter makes the camera look immeasurably better and more serious, not to mention providing protection for the lens. Lastly, I bought a Black Widow Spider Holster for my belt, which should be a nice way to carry the G1X!

Simon Block said...

Hey Gordon,

where did you find the manual online. I looked but none of the links worked for me.

Gordon Buck Jr. said...

The link to the online G1X manual is in the Jan 29 post. Some cannot "click" on the link and must copy and paste the URL. If the download is slow, then copy and paste the URL (that's what I had to do).