Monday, January 16, 2012

Features: Pro1 vs G12 vs G1x

In 2004, Sony came out with their ICX456 sensor, a 2/3” 8MP CCD, and their DSC-F828 camera using it.  Nikon (8700), Olympus (C-8080), Konica-Minolta (DiMAGE A2) and Canon (Pro1) immediately used that same sensor in their own “premium” compact, non-interchangeable lens cameras of that year.  In those days, one has to suspect that Sony was more interested in selling sensors than cameras!

Although the Pro1 is revered among Canon enthusiasts, most reviews placed it in the middle of the pack of those cameras using the Sony sensor.  In my own opinion, the Pro1 (in Canon’s sometimes strange product numbering system, there is also a Pro70 and a Pro90 IS) was the smallest,  best-looking and most desirable of that group.  Although I seriously considered the Pro1, I already had a G3 and decided to add a Canon DSLR, the 20D, to my arsenal instead of the Pro1.  I think this was the correct decision for me at the time.

For those interested in comparing the specifications and features of the Pro1 to the current G12 and upcoming G1X, I’ve modified the previous chart comparing the G9, G12 and G1X.  As noted above, I do not own and have never used the Pro1.  Also, I could not find the complete specifications (even in the Pro1 manual) and have relied on reviews from DCresourceDPreview, and  Luminous Landscape.

On re-reading the reviews for the Pro1, I was reminded of the low ISO limits of those years.  the Pro 1 shows very poor performance at ISO 400 and also lots of “purple fringing”.

Pro1, G12, G1X chart

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